How To Grow Watermelon In Florida – A Gardeners Guide To Delicious Fruit Plants

If you know the right techniques on How to Grow Watermelon in Florida, it can be done very easily, even by beginners. However, you would first need to plant them correctly. In this guide, we will show you how to prepare the perfect ground for a healthy and fruitful harvest, and how to grow watermelon indoors or outdoors in your home garden.

Germinating seeds and growing them in your front or backyard is not a very difficult task if you know the right steps to follow. The main thing that you must keep in mind when planting these delicious fruits is space because they need a lot of room to grow. If you do not have a big enough garden, you run the risk of slack watermelon production.

It is a summer treat that people look forward to every year. Unfortunately, the seeds have a hard time germinating in some areas. Therefore, it is best to start them indoors and transplant them once they’ve established roots. The good news is these plants benefit when grown in specific soil types as they are an ideal environment for germination, growth, and fruit production. Have a look below to learn more!

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Watermelon In Florida?

So, you want to know how to grow watermelon in Florida and the time it would take? To begin with, there are a few things that you should take into consideration when cultivating these plants. Growing melons requires plenty of sunlight and warm soil. Don’t worry about the sun as you have plenty in Florida. However, you may want to add an extra layer of mulch around the plants to keep the soil moist and weed-free.

As with most types of gardening, there will be plenty of trial and error along the way. How long it would take to grow a watermelon would also depend on a few vital factors. These include when and how they are planted. These beneficial fruits need to be planted at specific times during the year using beneficial planting methods.

How Long Does It Take To Grow A Watermelon In Florida

If the correct procedures are followed, you can look forward to an abundant harvest in about three to four months. However, their maturity would depend on a few factors. These include the variety of melons you’re growing and the environment and care your plant is afforded during this time.

You should also look out for clear indications to know when they’re ready to be picked. Keep in mind that a light green or white spot at the base of the fruit means they’re not yet ready. Ripe watermelons will display a yellow or cream spot at the bottom when they are ready for harvesting.

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When Should You Plant Watermelon In Florida?

Knowing how to grow watermelon in Florida includes some special care and preparation, but the rewards are well worth it. They are soothing summer fruit that is easy to grow as they are not very demanding once established. Listed below are a few tips on when is the best time to plant them in your region.

Tips – How To Grow Watermelon In Florida

  • Watermelon plants should be grown in the spring season for the best results.
  • It needs rich soil and optimum temperatures to produce its sweetest fruit.
  • Planting in the fall allows the seeds to develop a tough root system before the winter frost.
  • Plant your watermelon seeds indoors and move them outside after the danger of frost has passed.
  • Keep in mind that this tropical plant is sensitive to cold temperatures, so it cannot be planted until the soil temperature has warmed up to at least 45 degrees F.
  • Usually, the first week of April in central Florida can have cool overnight lows in the mid-50s F; but daytime temperatures could still be in the 80s F which is fine.
  • This plant grows exceptionally well in almost all regions of Florida.
  • They are heat-loving plants and do better if they have access to direct sunlight.

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Growing watermelon in Florida is easy and rewarding. Once you decide the type of melon you want to grow, plant it and enjoy high yields of delicious fruit in a relatively short period of time. Make sure you have enough space for the variety you choose or you could opt for a mix of male and female plants in one spot.

How Many Watermelons Do You Get Per Plant?

We have given you information on how to grow melons in Florida. However, how many fruits does each plant produce? This would depend on a few factors including how many seeds you have planted amongst others. You would be glad to know that the average plant can produce up to four watermelons.

Tips To Remember When Growing Watermelons In Florida

1. Melons are self-pollinating and will only flower when daytime temperatures are consistently above 72 degrees Fahrenheit in the spring.
2. If you live in a cooler region, it is best to grow them indoors until they can be planted outside.
3. The bright orange fruit is delicious when eaten fresh and versatile in salads, salsas, or desserts.
4. These fruits are also used for making jam and jelly and as a flavoring in drinks such as smoothies and juices.
5. The seeds from these plants can also be eaten raw or roasted.
6. Out of all the cultivars grown worldwide, watermelon has the greatest resistance to disease and pests if grown in the right conditions. 

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What Is The Best Month To Plant Watermelon?

One of the most common questions asked is “how to grow watermelon in Florida?”. Knowing which month is most suitable to start your plant will afford you a healthy garden with an abundant yield. Depending on where you live, the optimal time to plant a watermelon is when daytime highs reach above 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

In Florida, this normally occurs between March and June, depending on the weather conditions in your area. This includes the spring or early summer seasons for planting. Ensure that they are planted one to two inches below the soil surface, and allow them plenty of time to grow. This is because they will take about 90 days for germination.


For best results, plant the seeds in a warm, sunny spot. Watermelons grow best in well-drained soils high in organic matter and phosphorus. Keep soil slightly moist until germination of seedlings is complete. When the temperature reaches above 80 F we recommend covering them with a shade cloth to protect your plant.

Keep in mind that varieties are available with male or female flowers on each vine, but they should be grown at least 50 feet apart or they will cross-pollinate and produce odd seeds. The watermelons that develop from those seeds may not mature correctly and could produce oddly shaped fruits.

Conclusion – How To Grow Watermelon In Florida

Knowing how to grow watermelon in Florida is advantageous if you are looking forward to an abundant yield. Remember that if you diligently follow a few pointers, such as how to choose varieties, when to plant them, how to plant and grow them, diseases that may attack the plants, pests to look out for, and the best conditions for growing the watermelon, then you shouldn’t have any issues.

A trellis system can also be constructed for the plants to climb up which will be helpful in getting enough sunlight and allow you space to grow other vegetable crops around it. To grow them well, select a good location for your plant.

Watermelons are heavy feeders, so you will need to fertilize the plants often. The hardy and diverse nature of these plants make them rewarding fruit to grow, with little difficulty. If you are interested in growing your own watermelons this summer or next, look for a variety that best suits you.