Growing edamame in containers [4 main steps]

Edamame is a flavorful and nourishing legume. The practice of growing edamame in containers has become increasingly popular in recent years. It’s a great source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. I believe growing edamame yourself at home has several advantages, including convenience and space-saving. In this article, I will provide detailed instructions on how to … Read more

Growing butternut squash in containers [8 easy steps]

Growing Butternut Squash In Containers: The Best Step-by-step Guide 2024

Butternut squash grew in my house. Its sweet, nutty flavor and vibrant orange flesh made it a constant in my kitchen. Add here the versatility and nutritional value, and you’ll get me. My passion for this delectable winter squash made me find ways to cultivate it not only in the soil of a vegetable garden. Now … Read more

Best grow light for microgreens [6 best options]

Best Grow Light For Microgreens: 6 Options For Indoor Garden

One of the most common worries when growing microgreens indoors is the light. Would I require a grow LED illumination, or will natural sunlight suffice? How do they function,and which is appropriate for my setup? LED grow lights are the most effective way to grow microgreens indoors. LEDs are gaining popularity quickly, outperforming older lighting systems … Read more

What to Plant After Garlic: 7 Ideas!

what to plant after garlic

You can plant legumes after garlic to fix the nitrogen levels in the soil. Leafy greens are also the right choice to plant after garlic. They can use the nutrients left by garlic. Root vegetables, brassicas, and tomatoes have different nutrient requirements than garlic. So they are good choices too. This is just the start. … Read more

Why Is My Eucalyptus Plant Crispy: 9 Reasons & Solutions!

why is my eucalyptus plant crispy

Your eucalyptus plant can become crispy due to several issues. Insufficient watering and over-watering can cause this problem. Moreover, excess sunlight & low humidity also make the eucalyptus plant crispy. Low-quality soil & pest infestations can also be the reason behind a crispy eucalyptus plant. These are just some of the few answers to why … Read more

How To Grow Chives From Cuttings – 6 Easy Steps!

How To Grow Chives From Cuttings 6 best tips

Do you know how to grow chives from cuttings? And do they do well as the ones planted from seeds or seedlings? Let’s take a closer look. Chives are one of the most versatile, easy-to-grow, and hard of all herbs. They can be used in a wide variety of dishes, including soups, sauces, salads, and … Read more

How Do I Get My Onions To Grow Bigger – A Guide To Yielding Large Crop

How Do I Get My Onions To Grow Bigger 9 best tips

“How do I Get my Onions to Grow Bigger?” is a question that we have been often asked. For this reason, we have decided to answer the question and give you additional tips in this informative blog post. Onions are a commonly used vegetable throughout the world. This is because they can be eaten raw … Read more

How To Grow Jalapenos In Pots 

How To Grow Jalapenos In Pots 12 IMPORTANT steps

This article will give you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to grow jalapenos in pots and still get a good crop. Why Grow Jalapenos In Pots? Growing jalapenos in pots can have many benefits, including: Pots can be placed anywhere in the garden or greenhouse. The plants are easier to move around. Pots can … Read more