How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag: 8 Easy Steps!

Have you ever wondered how to grow lima beans in a bag? Growing lima beans is a great addition to any garden. They are delicious and healthy and can make a great addition to a variety of dishes.

Growing lima beans in a bag is a great project you can do with your family, as you get to watch the process of germination take place. With the right steps, it is relatively easy to do and you can successfully grow your own lima beans. It is a great skill to know if you are wanting to add lima beans to your garden.

How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag

One of the best ways you can grow lima beans is by using a bag. It is easy to do and it is almost always successful. You only need a few products and a bit of time to get this project going.

Growing lima beans in a plastic bag can be done as a school project or simply as a way to get lima beans to grow in your garden. During this process, you can see the lima beans take action and develop their root system.

You may wonder: can you grow lima beans from the grocery store? Fortunately, the answer is yes as you can use lima beans from the grocery store for this project.

How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag

Step One: Soak The Lima Beans

To start out, you need to soak your lima beans. Place them in a cold bowl of water and allow them to soak overnight. The cold water will help kick off the process of germination.

Step Two: Place Lima Beans On Paper Towels

After soaking your lima beans overnight in cold water, place about five lima beans on about four layers of paper towel. Then, place about another four layers of paper towel on top of the beans.

Step Three: Mist The Paper Towel

After layering your lima beans in the paper towels, use a spray bottle to mist them with water. Spray the paper towels until they are thoroughly damp.

Step Four: Place Lima Beans In A Plastic Bag

After getting the paper towels with the lima beans thoroughly wet, carefully transfer them to a resealable plastic bag. A gallon-size plastic zippered bag will be the best option to use for this project. Tightly close the bag but be sure to leave some air inside.

Step Five: Place Bag On Windowsill

Take your bag of lima beans and place it on a windowsill. You want to put it on a windowsill where it will get plenty of warmth and sunlight.

Step Six: Check On the Lima Beans

Check on the lima beans every day. If you notice that the paper towels have dried out, spray them again to moisten them. You should notice green sprouts on the beans within a few days’ time.

Step Seven: Prepare A Pot

Add potting soil to a pot and create one-inch holes where you will plant your lima beans and spray the soil so that it is moist. You want to space them at least three to four inches apart. You can use multiple pots or even use a growing tray.

Step Eight: Transplant Your Sprouted Lima Beans

Once your lima beans have sprouted with some roots, you can transplant them into your prepared pot. Carefully drop one sprout into each hole and cover it with soil. Moisten the soil and then place your lima beans in a sunny area.

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How To Care For Lima Beans

Once your lima beans have grown their first set of leaves you can transplant them into your garden. However, you can also keep growing them in a container if you desire as long as the container is large enough. Planting lima beans is a great option if you enjoy growing vegetables.


Lima beans should be grown in an area where they will get full sun. They need at least six hours of sun a day in order to thrive.

Soil – How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag

Lima beans do best in well-draining soil that is moderately rich in organic matter. Lima beans typically won’t grow well in heavy clay soil due to their deep root systems. They should be grown in neutral to slightly acidic soil.

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In order for them to successfully grow, you will need to know how much water do lima beans need. During the growing season, lima beans will need at least one inch of water per week to thrive. Using mulch can be beneficial to help lima beans maintain moisture during hot, dry summer weather.


Lima beans generally don’t need any fertilizer to grow. However, you can use compost or composted manure during the middle of the growing season to help prolong the season.

Container Or Garden Bed – How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag

Depending on the room you have at your home, you can grow your lima beans in a container or garden. If growing lima beans in a container, choose one that is at least a foot wide and has plenty of drainage holes.

A clay container is often a good choice for lima beans when growing them in containers. Water the lima beans in containers when the top inch of the soil is dry.

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When To Harvest Lima Beans?

Depending on the variety of lima beans, they can be ready to harvest within 60 to 90 days of planting. They are ready to harvest when they reach the shelling stage or the dry stage.

Lima beans reach the shelling stage when their pods change color and the beans plump up inside, but before the pod and seeds dry out. For the dry stage, leave the pods on the plant until they become dry and brittle.

When To Harvest Lima Beans

How To Grow Lima Beans In A Bag: Everything To Know

Knowing how to grow lima beans in a bag is great for school projects or simply to start your own lima beans for your garden. It takes only a few supplies and simple steps to germinate your seeds in a bag.

Do you have any questions regarding how to grow lima beans in a bag? If so, please ask your lima bean growing questions in the comments below.