How To Grow Green Beans Indoors – Step-by-Step Guide

Did you know you can grow beans indoors?  Let us learn how to grow green beans indoors and the proper growing conditions to provide them with.

The most common bean is the white one, but also the black, red, yellow, green, and blue ones are grown in the greenhouse. White beans are a type of bean that is cultivated worldwide.  They are a legume, which means they have pods that contain seeds.  These beans are usually eaten as a snack, or as a side dish in some countries.  In India, they are often used to make dal (lentils).

The bean is a type of pulse. It has seeds inside the pod.  The seeds are edible and can be eaten raw.  When the beans are cooked, they turn into a jelly-like substance. White beans are not only delicious but also nutritious.  They contain about 8% of protein, 20% of fiber, and 50% of carbohydrates.

What Kind Of Beans Grows Well Indoors?

Pinto Beans. They will grow like a weed, and they are the best to grow in a pot. They are very easy to plant. You only need to soak them in water for a day and then plant them in the soil. Once they start growing you can take some out of the soil and plant more. I have grown them from seed before and it takes about 3 weeks for them to mature and be ready to eat. They are really good at salads and just plain.

Black-eyed Peas. You can either grow them in pots or in the ground. They grow fast and are easy to grow. The only thing you have to do is give them a regular water supply so they don’t get dried out.

Chickpeas. These are the most popular type of beans. You have to soak them for 4 hours and then plant them in the soil. When they are fully grown you can harvest the pods.

Lentils. You can grow them in a pot or in the ground. They will grow faster if planted in the ground. They need to be soaked for at least four hours before planting them. The good thing about these beans is that they are high in fiber and protein.

Lima Beans. These are very easy to grow and are very versatile. You can grow them in a pot or in the ground. They need to be soaked for about six hours and then planted in the soil.

Lima Beans

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How To Grow Beans Indoors:

Step 1: Select the location for growing beans. Choose a place with at least 6 hours of sunlight per day.  This way the plants will receive enough light to grow properly.

Step 2: Preparing the soil. First, add a layer of mulch to the soil, because it helps keep the soil warm. Next, make sure the soil is well-drained.  Add some pebbles or sand to the bottom to help this.

Step 3:  Choose a favorable pot. It needs to be wide and deep enough to accommodate your plant.  If you do not have a deep enough pot, consider making one.  You can make it by putting a layer of newspaper in the bottom of a shallow pan, and then filling it with water until it is about 4 inches (10cm) deep.

Step 4:  Sow seeds. Sow your bean seeds into the soil, about two to three seeds per inch (5-8mm).  Water them first, then cover the pot with plastic wrap.

Step 5:  Keep the soil moist, but not wet.

Step 6:  Let the seeds grow for about 7-9 days.  Remove the plastic wrap, and water if necessary.

Step 7:  Leave the beans to grow. You should see the beans seedlings start to grow and strengthen into healthy plants, in a few days.  Ensure your bean plants are provided with enough water and sunlight so they thrive.

Step 8:  Harvest when they are mature.  Pull up the stems, and gently pull off the beans.  Put them in a bowl of water to wash off the dirt, and dry them on paper towels. Enjoy them as you wish.

Conditions Necessary For Growing Beans Indoors

The main conditions for growing beans indoors are a warm environment with a well-ventilated space.

The temperature should be at least 55°F during the day but can be as low as 40°F at night. The humidity should be at least 50% but can be as high as 100%. This is an ideal environment for growing beans because they don’t require much light to grow, and you can easily control the temperature and humidity.

Final Remarks

The above guide will help you learn how to grow green beans indoors and learn how to do it with ease. The basics of growing beans indoors are to provide them with the right growing conditions.

You can learn about the best growing conditions, fertilizers, light, soil, etc., and how to control pests and diseases. If you want to know more about growing beans in an outdoor garden, read on and get ready for a learning experience!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you start green beans indoors?

We plant the seeds in 3-inch pots filled with a mixture of compost and sphagnum peat moss. Once the seeds have sprouted, we transplant them to a 5-gallon bucket with a plastic lid. We fill the bucket with a mixture of water and sphagnum peat moss. The green beans grow very fast, and by the time they are ready to be transplanted to the field, they are about 2-3 inches long.

Can green beans grow without sunlight?

Yes. We plant our green bean seedlings in a greenhouse for the first three weeks. Then, we move them outdoors and keep them outside until they are ready to be transplanted to the field. They will continue to grow throughout the summer, but they will be smaller than they would if they had grown in direct sunlight.

How long does it take to grow beans indoors?

Green beans will grow from seed in about two months. After that, they need about four months to mature and develop their full potential.

How much sunlight do green beans need?

They need a lot of sunlight. It's best to have them in a spot with lots of sun. We usually plant our beans about two weeks before the last frost date. That way, they can get a head start and have the rest of the growing season to grow.