How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem In 4 Easy Steps

Are you looking into how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem? Has someone accidentally broken one of your jade plants and you want to close it? Propagating succulents has never been easier since there are dozens of tactics you can use. It is surprisingly easy to grow a jade plant from a broken stem, but you should monitor the water.

In just four quick and easy steps, your jade plant can start rooting in water or directly into a succulent grow medium within weeks! I enjoy using clear containers to see the roots growth because it is fascinating. These beautiful houseplants are popular and expensive! Keep on reading to learn how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem.

What Is A Jade Plant?

Have you ever heard of a jade plant? These beautiful plants are succulents with small leaves about 1 to 3½ inches long and ¾ to 1½ inches wide. The egg-shaped leaves are a vibrant green, but some varieties of this beautiful succulent have red borders on their leaves and stems.

This plant is a perfect houseplant because it adapts to the environment well. This means that you can grow a jade plant in a small container and the roots will grow inside of the container. In the wild, jade plants propagate with no help and reaches up to 6 feet.

Instead, small egg-shaped leaves fall during Winter and Fall and root into the soil within weeks. Jade plants are also easy to take care of, as long as you have the right soil and water them. Too much heat, for example, can cause the leaves to suffer from a sunburn, stressing out the plant.

 Can I fix a broken jade plant?

How To Grow A Jade Plant From A Broken Stem

Listed below is a step-by-step tutorial on how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem.

Step 1: Let the Cutting Dry

During the first step on how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem, you will let the cutting dry. As soon as the cutting is dry, it is time to place it into the potting mixture. If the cutting is not dry, this can cause root rot and the development of mold, especially if you live in a high humid area.

To let the cutting dry, you don’t need any fancy steps. Instead, place your cutting in an open space where the temperature is higher than 65 degrees Farenheit and lower than 90 degrees Farenheit. Never bake a cutting to dry it. This will damage the stem and leaf.

Step 2: Create a Good Potting Mixture

Jade plants are picky and need a highly nutritious potting mixture. Don’t just grab dirt from outside or buy the first potting mix you can find. Instead, look for organic vermiculite or perlite and half soil. While some succulents like a potting mixture that is airy and light, jade plants need more structure as long as the soil is not fully compact.

Step 3: Choose a Pot that is the Correct Size

 Can jade plant grow from stem?

The third step on how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem it to choose a container for your space. If you will grow your jade plant inside, keep in mind that the plant will need direct light, although not at high temperatures. If you have pets like curious cats, it is best to choose a pot that can be hung or placed on a high ledge.

Once you find a container with the right material and size, fill it with the potting mix. Put the jade plant into the potting mix so that the stem is submerged in the mix. Make sure that there is at least half of the plant still facing upward as it needs oxygen.

Step 4: Water Sparingly

The fourth step is the most important step in how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem. Jade plants are beautiful and do not require a lot of care. They are favorites for many because of how easy they are to grow and take care of. Only water when the potting mixture is dry.

Jade plants store water and do not require a lot of watering. If you accidentally water your plant too much frequently, this can kill the roots and drown them, causing root rot. No one wants their plants to suffer from root rot since it smells bad and your plant cannot jump back from this condition.

Tips And Tricks For Caring For A Jade Plant

While you can propagate a jade plant directly into mixing soil and a container, I recommend as a beginner rooting with water. First, you will dry your jade cutting as directed above. Next, find a glass or plastic bottle of water or soda. Clean this bottle thoroughly with soap and water, especially if it once held something sticky and sugary.

When caring for a jade plant and rooting it into water, you will need to fill the bottle with water. Cover the bottle with plastic wrap to trap in humidity. Jade plants are succulents and thrive in humid conditions. Poke holes into the plastic so that the jade plant can breathe easily. Once your plant roots, you will see tiny leaves, also known as plantlets.

 Can you replant a broken jade stem?


What do you think about our methods on how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem? I have tried to break down how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem into about four steps. As long as you have jade plant leaves with a small broken stem and it is dry, you can regrow a new plant! It is a close and likely won’t grow as large.

Let us know if you have any questions on how to grow a jade plant from a broken stem in the comments section below! We love hearing from our readers, especially if you have questions and concerns. If you know anyone else wondering how to fix a broken jade plant, send them our way!


Can I fix a broken jade plant?

Jade plants are easy to fix. You will need to support the area that is broken and care for it with patience. Most people use sticks to prop up broken trunks and stems. You can also use tape or propagate a new jade plant.

Can you root a jade stem in water?

Yes, you can root a jade stem in water. Succulents are resilient and love water. The water will stimulate root growth and within two weeks you can have yourself a new jade plant!

Can jade plant grow from stem?

Yes! Jade plants can grow from their stems. It is more common to propagate jade plants from leaves. If you have a stem, remove the leaves so the plant can focus its energy on rooting.

Can you replant a broken jade stem?

Yes you can replant a broken jade stem directly into healthy potting mix. Make sure to remove leaves that touch the soil. If you want multiple jade plants, remove the leaves and replant the leaves into soil or water.