How To Grow A Dove Orchid: 5 Quick And Great Tips And Tricks

There are hundreds of types of orchids and they are growing popular, which may lead you to wondering how to grow a dove orchid. Growing dove orchids is difficult, but does not have to be impossible either. As long as you choose the right placement, container, soil, and nutrients, your dove orchid will bloom in no time!

Dove orchids are white and look like doves when they bloom. The flowers are very delicate and should not be exposed to sunlight. Listed below are five quick and great tips and tricks to consider when growing and maintaining dove orchids for the best and most breath-taking blooms.

What Is A Dove Orchid?

Dove orchids come from Central America and naturally thrive in hot and humid areas, growing next to each other for shade. The original name of the ‘dove orchid’ is the Peristeria Elata. Some people also refer to this holy and inspiring plant as the Holy Trinity orchid.

According to some people, the white blooms of the dove orchid plant look a lot like flying doves. The flowers on the large and tall stems have a fragrant and strong scent. Orchid-inspired perfume is very common because these flowers have a fragrant smell.

Where Do Dove Orchids Grow?

 Do orchids grow in sun or shade?

While you can try to grow these amazing dove orchids in the ground, it is easier to maintain them in a controlled environment. I recommend looking for a container that has holes at the bottom and plenty of space to breathe and grow. Dove orchids have thick roots that dislike being restricted or over-watered.

You can grow dove orchids inside and outside. If you choose to grow orchids outside, keep in mind that these plants are shade-lovers and would require being away from direct sunlight.

What Kind Of Soil Do Dove Orchids Like?

Something important to consider when learning how to grow a dove orchid is to choose a soil that has the right nutrients and space for circulating air. The roots will die and rot away if there is too much water, but if the soil is compact, you can accidentally suffocate the thick roots of dove orchids.

Always look for special dove orchid soil. Never use soil that is outside. Instead, the soil that orchids need is highly nutritious, but also chunky and full of small pieces of lava rocks and perlite.

5 Quick Tips And Tricks To Help You Learn How To Grow A Dove Orchid

Listed below are 5 quick tips and tricks that can help you with how to grow a dove orchid. These beautiful flowers require special attention.

1. The right amount of sunlight

Did you know that exposing your dove orchid to direct sunlight can kill the plant? Plants, like humans and other animals, suffer from sunburns. Instead of burning skin, though, your plant’s leaves and flowers can turn yellow or brown from direct sunlight.

Instead, consider building a shady spot. You can even use umbrellas! Think about where you live as well. When you want to learn how to grow a dove orchid, look into your gardening zone. If you live in states like Florida or California where temperatures reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer, consider growing your orchid inside by a window.

2. 70% humidity

You can naturally find dove orchid plants in Latin American countries, especially in the forests of Panama. These beautiful dove orchids are used to humidity and thrive in these conditions, but do not want direct sunlight or hot temperatures.

When choosing to grow your dove orchids inside, consider buying a humidifier to increase humidity. Choose an open space where the air particles and vapor can go. Set the humidity to at least 70%.

3. 20-20-20 Fertilizer

 How often should orchids be watered?

Sometimes plants require additional food and nutrients than what comes from the soil. This is normal! If you have noticed that there are fewer blooms and a slow growth in your dove orchids, buy or make your own orchid fertilizer. Never buy a fertilizer without doing research as they all have different strengths and purposes.

Dove orchids prefer a liquid fertilizer that breaks down slowly into their growth medium. Finding a well-balanced 20-20-20 fertilizer is a good start. If you want to save money and make your own fertilizer, you can mix 2 tablespoons of Epsom salt with 1 gallon of water and spray two to three times a month.

4. Outside Temperature

Just like any other seedlings, dove orchids are specific plants that will not grow when it is too hot or too cold. It is not always possible control the temperature these seedlings are exposed to. However, when planting inside, make sure that the soil your orchid plant is in is under 75 degrees Farenheit and over 60 degrees Farenheit.

5. Growing Dove Orchids Inside

Last but not least, when looking into how to grow a dove orchid, it is best to start by taking care of these beautiful flowering houseplants inside of your house! Find a sunny area where your orchid will not be exposed directly to sun. I recommend setting your orchid on the ledge of a window, but inside.

When growing your dove orchid inside, purchase and set up an indoor greenhouse to increase the temperature and humidity. It is best to also use a plug-in fan to promote air circulation. Without air circulation, mold can develop and grow inside of your home.

 how to grow a dove orchid


Did you learn enough information on how to grow a dove orchid? These beautiful dove orchids, which sometimes are called the Holy Ghost Orchid need a lot of care and attention to thrive. If you water this beautiful houseplant too much, the roots will rot away and cause a foul odor to sweep into your home.

Let us know in the comments if you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to grow a dove orchid! Do you know any other plant lovers that want to grow their own dove orchids? Send them this informational article today! Dove orchids are breathtaking flowers and should be displayed proudly once they are taken care of properly.


How often should orchids be watered?

Orchids do not require a lot of watering. Actually, you should only water your orchids once every 7 to ten days or when the soil mixture is dry below the top layer.

Do I need special soil for orchids?

You should use a special orchid soil when growing orchids. These plants are picky and have unique needs. Look for an orchid soil with perlite, vermiculite and lava rocks.

Do orchids grow in sun or shade?

Too much sunlight can sunburn orchids and kill them. Orchids thrive in the shade.

How do you grow and maintain an orchid?

As long as you choose a container where your orchid's roots can breathe and grow and only water the plant as needed, orchids will thrive! If you are trying to grow these beautiful flowers inside, think about investing in a humidifier.