How Long Do Red Potatoes Take To Grow? + Growing Steps!

Are you planning to grow potatoes? Are you forever wondering: how long do red potatoes take to grow? If so, this is the article for you.

Red potatoes are very easy to grow in most soils. They are drought-tolerant, which means they’re able to grow in most places. Red potatoes are a great food source and the tubers can be used to make potato products such as mash, chips, or French fries. Potatoes grow best when temperatures are between 15-25 degrees C (59-77 degrees F). They can tolerate frost temperatures down to -5 degrees C (23 degrees F).

Growing Red Potatoes

Step 1: Get the soil ready

Potatoes like loose, well-drained soil. They don’t like compacted soil, so you will need to turn the soil over at least three times before planting.

Step 2: Fertilize the soil

You can use compost, manure, or any organic fertilizer. Don’t use synthetic fertilizers.

Step 3: Plant your potato seeds

Potatoes are usually planted in late March/April time. They then will be ready for harvest anytime between June and October.  You will need to get rid of any weeds and stones from the planting area. We recommend planting the potatoes on a grid. The grid should be 20 cm (8 inches) apart. Plant the potatoes on the grid and fill the spaces with fine soil.

Step 4: Water the potatoes

After planting, the potatoes need around 1-2 inches of water per week. This can be done by hand, or via rainfall.

Step 5: Mulch the potatoes

To prevent weeds from growing in the potato patch and to retain moisture, you will need to mulch the potatoes with hay.

Step 6: Keep an eye on the potatoes

It is very important to keep an eye on the potatoes. The plants can become weak and die if they are not watered enough. If you notice that the potatoes are not growing, water them.

Step 7: Harvest the potatoes

In around three months, your potato patch will be ready to harvest. When harvesting, you should use a small garden fork. Make sure to lift the potatoes out of the ground carefully. You don’t want to damage them.

Harvest the potatoes

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Step 8: Store the potatoes

When the potatoes are harvested, you will need to store them. You can store them in a dark, dry place for up to six months.

How Long Do Red Potatoes Take To Grow?

There are several varieties of potatoes, and they all have different growing times. In general, the faster-growing varieties are New Potatoes, Red Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Yukon Gold Potatoes.

You can plant your potatoes anytime from early spring to early summer. You can start them in the greenhouse and transport them to the garden when the soil is warm enough. New potatoes are the easiest potato variety to grow, but they don’t keep for long once harvested. Red potatoes are a good choice because they store well.

Red potatoes will generally take around 100 days before they’re ready to harvest. These potatoes usually grow in warmer climates and need a lot of sunlight to grow properly. If you grow them in the greenhouse, make sure you place them where they will get at least 6 hours of direct sun per day.

Yukon Gold potatoes are another type of potato that are very popular with gardeners. They can be planted any time between late fall and early spring, but they do best when the soil is warm. They will mature in about 60 days.

Caring For Red Potatoes

Red potatoes are easy to care for. In fact, most gardeners enjoy growing them because they grow well in a variety of soils. You just need to make sure you give them enough water and fertilizer.

To keep your red potatoes healthy, make sure you fertilize them regularly. You can use a composted manure as a fertilizer, or you can also try using composted yard waste.

You can also grow red potatoes in containers. If you choose this option, make sure the container has plenty of drainage holes so it doesn’t become too soggy.

There are several diseases that affect red potatoes. You can prevent these problems by planting the right kind of potato. For example, if you want to plant a new potato, choose one that is certified disease-free. There are also some insects that can cause damage to your red potatoes. If you notice any damage, remove the affected plants and destroy them.

In Conclusion

I hope this article has helped to answer the question: how long do red potatoes take to grow? And given you tips for the care they require to thrive. In addition, it also shows how to harvest and store them so that you can enjoy their many benefits in your diet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know When Red Potatoes Are Ready to Harvest?

When the leaves are yellow, but not brown, and the vines are not actively growing, the potatoes are ready to harvest.

How Many Red Potatoes do You Get From One Plant?

Typically, you can expect around 5-10 potatoes per potato plant, if grown in the correct conditions and environment.

Is it Hard to Grow Red Potatoes?

No! Red potatoes are easy to grow. It’s just a matter of knowing how to identify when it is ready to harvest.

How Tall do Red Potato Plants Get?

They usually grow up to around 3 feet tall. Red potatoes have dark green leaves with a reddish tint, and can grow as tall as 4 feet sometimes. The vines are very bushy.