How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow – A Gardeners Guide To Thriving Plants

In this blog post, you will learn exactly How Long Does Monstera Take to Grow. If you recently acquired your plant, you may be wondering how long it will take to mature and take on its distinctive Swiss cheese appearance.

We’ll go over all you need to know about its developmental expectations as well as what you can do to make sure your plant thrives. There are a variety of monstera species that are widely cultivated with each one displaying different growth rates. These include herb-like or vining plants that are prized for their lovely foliage and low maintenance requirements.

This plant is a part of the Araceae plant family and is related to calla lilies and peace lilies. The Americas’ tropical regions are home to every species in the genus. Take a look at the information below to learn more about these glorious plants.

How Long Does It Take For Monstera To Grow A New Leaf?

Like any other plant, monstera needs access to sufficient amounts of water, sunlight, and regular care to guarantee that its growth is healthy. If all of these are given to the plant, it should grow about 2 feet a year.

For younger plants from this species, you will be able to see new leaf growth after four to six weeks. The plant can produce more leaves per month as it gets older and bigger since it will have enhanced growth points. To ensure that it keeps thriving, proper care and maintenance are essential.

This would include ensuring that it is planted in the best environment, given adequate sunlight and water daily, and fed according to its demands. Seeing that there are several methods to enhance the growth of your monstera plant, correctly implementing them would afford you a flourishing garden.


How Do I Make My Monstera Grow Faster?

The information in this post is for you if you’ve been attempting to get your Monstera Deliciosa plant to grow more quickly. To do this, you should make sure your plant is getting enough sunshine to help it develop. So, how long does monstera take to grow?

For monsteras to grow faster than the typical plant, they also require appropriate hydration, lots of humidity, a large enough plant pot, and adequate fertilizer. The recommendations below will guide you in caring for your plant.

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Light – Lighting is one area to prioritize if you want to see growth because these plants need light and water. Ensure that it gets indirect sunshine that is bright to grow its best. Your plant will receive just the right amount of light in a shaded without the risk of burning if you have a window that has a shaded cover.

Leaves – If the plant leaves aren’t splitting to form those distinctive holes or fenestrations, it could mean that its nutrient supply is too low. This could slow down its growth substantially. Ensure that the growing medium is regularly checked and that you feed your plant timeously.

Leggy stems – If you find leggy stems that are curved, this is also an indication of insufficient light. If your region does not get adequate sunlight then an artificial light would do as plants cannot decipher the difference between them.

Water – When it comes to any vegetation, water is an essential component of photosynthesis in plants. Therefore, finding the ideal watering routine for your plant is recommended. The soil must be let to dry out before you replenish it for the plant.

Is A Monstera Plant Slow Growing?

No, the monstera plant is not slow growing if it receives the proper care and maintenance. These plants are a tropical species that are sought after because of their fast growth. However, if you’re growing them indoors, you should not expect them to reach the heights that they’re accustomed to in the outdoor environment.

This is because they grow quite aggressively in the wilderness and can be expected to reach heights of more than 60 feet. If your plant isn’t growing at its best, you should examine the environments it’s planted in and ensure that it is receiving enough water, light, and fertilizer. Also look out for pest infestations, diseases, and essential nutrient uptake.

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How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

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If you do find an issue, you should not worry much as they can all be easily resolved with the correct procedures. However, keep in mind that monstera plants also have a dormant season which slows their growth. During this time, interfering with your plant is not advised as they will start to grow again after the period of dormancy.

How Long Do Monstera Plants Live?

Monstera is a perennial that offers eye-catching blooms to enhance the look of your garden. They have a long lifespan that sometimes exceeds the 35-year mark and are therefore sought-after.  However, this would depend on the care and maintenance that they are given as their longevity is a result f it. The fact that these beautiful plants also have extended dormant periods is a contributing factor to their endurance.

Because of this, the plant’s lifespan is extended due to energy preservation. You can ensure that your plant has a long and healthy life by taking good care of it and providing for its needs. To ensure that your plants enjoy a happy and healthy growth life, take heed of the tips below.

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Tips – How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

1. Sunlight

For monstera plants to flourish, they require bright sunlight. Your plant will begin to generate smaller leaves if it does not receive enough light. Additionally, the leaves could turn yellow or develop brown patches. However, the plant may become sunburned from too much direct light, and the leaves will begin to turn yellow or brown. If the light is too powerful, you can consider moving the plant or using a sheer drape as a light filter.

2. Water – How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

Although monstera enjoys water, this tropical plant does not like to sit in it. This is because waterlogged soil might cause root rot. To increase its lifespan, be careful to provide the ideal balance. This means that once a week is a decent rule of thumb when it comes to watering your Monstera. Keep in mind that utilizing well-draining soil is also crucial.

3. Pruning

Monstera needs to be pruned occasionally. It’s crucial to remove any leaves that are dead, discolored, or afflicted. This aids in preventing any infections from spreading to the remainder of the plant. Your Monstera will have time to recuperate before winter if you prune it while it is still in the growing season.

4. Fertilizer – How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

Monstera plants can grow quickly, generate more leaves, and live longer with the use of fertilizers. Overfertilizing, however, should be avoided since it can burn the roots. It is best to use an all-purpose fertilizer for your plant to thrive.

Fertilizer - How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

5. Cleaning

Through photosynthesis, the leaves of your plant absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and transform it into oxygen and glucose. Dust accumulation on the leaves, however, may prevent this process from taking place. This can also encourage spider mites and other pests and illnesses. Dust the leaves of your plant on a regular basis using a soft cloth to avoid this from happening.

6. Repotting – How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

Your Monstera plant will get rootbound if it isn’t potted up every couple of years. The plant’s roots find it challenging to absorb nutrients or water as a result. To prevent this from happening, transfer your plant to a larger container. Every two years, you can repot your Monstera and expand the pot’s size by 2 to 3 inches. The plant will have ample room to expand without becoming root-bound as a result.

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Conclusion – How Long Does Monstera Take To Grow

Monstera deliciosas grow quickly and forcefully. If it is well looked after, you can expect your plant to produce new leaves from its nodes when the growing season appears. Investigate if you believe your plant’s growth has stopped as sometimes it may just be the dormant season which is expected.

In this case, the plant should be left alone as it is at rest. Keep in mind that these plants may not survive if their nutritional needs aren’t met. A good drink of water and a bout of light would be a good start.

Due to their hardiness, monsteras can also withstand some trial-and-error as you determine the precise requirements of your plant. However, it is important to give your plant time to adjust and adapt during this period. Knowing how long does monstera take to grow is important when first establishing your plant.