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Our Fabulous Plants!

   Furney's Nursery has been growing plants in the Pacific Northwest for more than 60 years!  That experience has allowed us to offer our customers plants that we know will thrive!  In addition to our growing operations in Washington and Oregon, we carefully select the best plants from other talented growers in the region so that we can carry an incredible array of plants that is sure to inspire!



Beautifully Long-Lasting Perennials
   Who doesn't love a plant that comes back year after year with gorgeous blooms and/or foliage?  Here at the nursery, we love showing off hundreds (If not thousands) of different varieties of perennials every year.  In fact, we carry lots of perennials for every season, even in the middle of winter!

  Colorful and Vigorous Annuals
   If you want a huge splash of color, you'll love seeing the kaleidoscope of color that is our annuals section.  We carry many of your favorite seasonal annuals, plus new varieties every year that will keep your pots, hanging baskets, and gardens full of interest!
  Fresh and Tasty Edibles
   Bringing fresh herbs, veggies, berries or fruit in from your own garden is among the most rewarding things you can do!  Here at Furney's, we love helping gardeners grow their own food throughout the year with fantastic edible plants, seeds, and seminars to help get you started on the road to success!
  Awe Inspiring Trees
   There is no longer lasting, more impactful addition to your garden than a new tree.  A thoughtfully planted tree will provide you with many years of beautiful color, form, shade, or even just a place for native birds to hang out.  With hundreds of varieties to choose from over the course of the year, there is no shortage of inspiration!

Fun and Reliable Shrubs
   Shrubs provide the foundation to many of our home landscapes, and they also tend to be some of our most beloved plants.  Roses, Azaleas, Camellias, Rhododendrons.  There are a seemingly endless number of cool shrubs for big spaces and small that will delight you for years to come!


Exotic Tropicals & Houseplants
   Sometimes it is nice to just relax in the house on a rainy day.  On those days, you will be extraordinarily thankful for your wonderful tropical houseplants.  They clean the air, they look great, and some can even do your taxes!  Well... Maybe not the taxes, but at least you'll have something pretty to look at while you do them yourself!

Wonderful Bulbs & Seeds
   Some plants are easier to start from a bulb or a seed, and Furney's is pleased to carry an excellent selection of seasonal bulbs and seeds throughout the year!  Give us a call to see what kinds of bulbs and seeds you can plant now!

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